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The Tegan Commonwealth is the government for Tega. It ferries goods mainly within Tega itself, but also moves goods to and from neighbouring star systems including but not limited to Sagan's Lights, Leo and Maru.

Obtaining a License

Welcome Email

Greetings, worker, and thank you for joining the Tegan Commonwealth. Your ship's IFF signature has been logged at all Tegan stations as a valid contractor, and you will now find basic contracts available for you at any station within the Tega system. The Tegan Commonwealth transports goods throughout Tega itself, and will occasionally require goods to be brought into or out of the system to our nearest neighbours Sagan's Lights, Leo and Maru. Some contracts will require you to purchase and sell goods, others will ask you to find and acquire goods using your own means, and still others will simply require you to pick up and deliver them, but regardless all good collection/drop off/buying/selling must be completed at a Commodities Terminal using the 'buy' and 'sell' commands. As you complete contracts with us, additional work will be made available. You are doing good work and helping the Tegan people to live and thrive. It is only on the backs of workers like yourself that our nation and its people can continue to be productive members of our Apollonian society. We thank you for your labour.