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One of the largest companies inside the Leon Empire, Leon Aerospace has a hand in manufacturing, paramilitary operations, logistics and much more. To work for Leon Aerospace is to work ostensibly for the Leon Empire. It is a private for-profit company.

Obtaining a License

A license can be purchased for 500c in Penitent Commercial in the Leo sector.

Welcome Email

You have to spend money to make money, and you have just spend 500 credits on acquiring the right to take contracts for Leon Aerospace: congratulations. Working for Leon Aerospace means being an exacting and reliable captain - we do not tolerate late deliveries of contracts, so choose your routes in accordance with the abilities of your ship wisely. We will not hesitate to downsize our freelance ranks should you fail to live up to market expectations. There are plenty of other pilots willing and wanting to take your place. Work hard and you will be rewarded well with more work.