Fernando Gutierrez

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Fernando Gutierrez is a potential passenger who can be found in Airlock 3 in Penitent Commercial.

Fernando Gutierrez


Early in the game (just before 9am October 3, 44a), the player receives an email from Fernando Gutierrez advising he is seeking urgent transport to Columbus Central Trading. Fernando can pay 750c to a pilot who will take him. He will be awaiting pickup at Penitent Commercial. If the player ignores this email, eventually Fernando will send a second message advising he has successfully found transport, and he will no longer be available to pick up.

Arriving at Penitent Commercial

If you opt to transport Fernando Gutierrez, he insists that payment will be made upon arrival and there should be no detours. He joins as a passenger at that point.

En-route to Columbus Central Trading

Shortly after undocking, Fernando will contact the player via the intercom. Fernando explains his reasoning for wanting urgent travel to Columbus Central Trading.

Arriving at Columbus Central Trading