Parssus Peoples' Union

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The glorious Parssus Peoples' Union is the longest-standing and best government in the Apollo cluster. Its magnanimous leader Pietro Correa rules the Parssus and Two Sisters star systems with a benevolence known only to gods. Working for the Union is a duty all Parssusian people are blessed to be beholden to, and a privilege for outsiders wishing to work within Union borders. Know that any anti-Union behaviour will result in instant dismissal.

Obtaining a License

Welcome Email

Your application to work for the Parssus Peoples' Union as a freelance trader has been accepted. This permission does NOT grant you the right to travel to Parssusian colonies. Please remain on space stations only. We do not tolerate failure to complete contracts and you are not permitted to engage in civic life within the Union in any way. Do not engage with any citizen with antagonistic views towards the Union, but report them to the nearest Union Officer immediately. Failure to report antagonists within our borders will be considered aiding and abetting. Have a nice day.