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Cargo contracts are issued by one of the many organisations in Objects In Space. A contract requires a player to pick up a certain quantity of cargo and drop it off at the commerce terminal at another station.

Contracts are time limited, and generally require delivery within a set amount of hours. Sucessfully completing contracts for a client will increase your reputation with them, leading to more lucrative contracts being offered.

Getting Contracts

A player must possess a licence issued by an organisation before they can take contracts.

Click on the Contracts options in the Commerce Terminal display of any station. The Contracts screen will display any contracts available for companies you have licences with.

You must click the "Take Contract" button to accept the contract.

Note: Details of any accepted contract can also be viewed in your PDA (TAB).

You can only accept a maximum of three (3) contracts at any one time.

Don't forget to collect the Cargo from the Trading Terminal.

Fulfilling Contracts

To fulfill the conditions of the contract, you must visit the commerce terminal in the destination port and sell the cargo outlined in the contract.

Failing Contracts

If you fail to deliver the requested cargo on time, the contract will fail, and the employer will email you, possibly revoking your licence.